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BlueAvocado® and (re)zip® are registered trademarks of Rezip Co.​



The following products are protected by patents in the United States and China.  This page is intended to satisfy applicable virtual patent marking requirements of various jurisdictions including those of the America Invents Act and to provide notice to the public under the patent marking statue, 35 U.S.C. § 287(a). The products and patents listed below may not be all inclusive.

(re)zip Stand-up Bags

United States Patent US 11,097,505 B2, 
Chinese Patents: ZL201910312924.8, ZL201580009921.7

(re)zip Flat Bags

United States Patents US 10,000,033 B2,
US 10,780,666 B2, US 11,351,749 B2, US D753444S1

Additional patents pending