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  • "re(zip)’s reusable stand-up food storage bags rivaled Stasher in terms of quality, durability, and a trustworthy seal. These bags flew through our tests with no lingering stains, smells, warping, or stretching, and food stayed nice and fresh..."

  • “I love a quality reusable product. We are trying to help our kids understand the importance of sustainability and protecting our environment, and these bags fit in nicely with that lifestyle.”

    Reusable lunch sandwich food storage bag winner of the 2022 National Parenting Product Awards. Leakproof and freezer safe.
  • "I will say that these impressed me with their durability...I can see these being really useful for backpacking in terms of dry storage (or even protecting a phone or other electronics from the elements while adventuring)..."

  • "If you want to ease into using less plastic without breaking the bank, opt for Rezip's lunch bags that come with cute colored ziptops."

  • "For hikers who want to avoid single-use plastics but still need to carry snacks and other perishables, these reusable gallon bags can provide a solid compromise."

  • "...uses (re)zip[s] for everything — bulk shopping, storing leftovers, and freezing food...We like [their] innovative sizes, which include a 40-cup roll-top closure that is marketed for pet-food storage but would work equally well for bulk flour or a kayak trip."